Expedition Update!!!

My, how things have changed!!!  I must admit that when I created this show I was not thinking “big”.  I thought a quaint little show about lost history in East Texas would be pretty neat!  We might have a few viewers.  Shortly after having that thought I told people what I wanted to do.  I was met with enthusiastic cries of, “DO IT!  We’ll WATCH IT!”  So I began producing a show called “Expedition East Texas” and began working with one local station to get it on the air.


Then I got an email from someone at another TV station in deep East Texas wanting to air the show on their station.  Hmmm.  Okay.  Then a light bulb went off. Maybe I could put this show on a station in each market that reaches East Texas.  So I started sending our information on our show to other stations.


THEN, I got an email from a network interested in carrying our show.  Then the idea exploded.  We went from maybe four or five stations to hundreds of stations.  We began talking about viewership in the MILLIONS!  After much debate, I expanded the concept of “Expedition East Texas” to “Expedition Texas” and commenced with re-branding and repackaging EVERYTHING!  Our little show launching this fall will be seen by many, many people.  Soon, the whole country will know how great Texas is!  Of course, a bunch of our “expeditions” will still be from right here in good ol’ East Texas…but now they will be coupled with some really cool places in other parts of the state. 


EXPEDITION TEXAS is coming to TV this fall.  We’ll tell you when, where, and how to see it VERY soon!!  Stay tuned to the website.  Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/expeditioneasttexas and get ready for some fun!!


Thank you all for your kind support as this show develops!  YOU are the reason I am doing this!!! 

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