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Road Stories 

I recently received an email from a viewer asking me why I haven't updated the blog here at www.expeditiontexas.tv in over a year. I could only answer honestly, "I didn't think anyone read it!"

His thoughtful answer to that was, "I guess you were wrong."

He was right.

I have never understood the purpose of blogs. What's the point, I wondered? Why would someone want to read the personal random musings of another individual? Yet, all over the internet, there are blogs about this, that, and the other. I…

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Rolling through season one! 

It's exciting that Expedition Texas is on the air now and folks are watching! If you are one of our faithful viewers, THANK YOU! We are currently getting ready to air our third episide! Here's a preview: http://youtu.be/dTlq8w8o8No As the shows air, you can see them online here at www.expeditiontexas.tv/watch Additionally, we are getting ready to hit the road to shoot season two! The support has been appreciated. Be sure to tell your friends about us! Like us on Facebook at…

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Expedition Update!!! 

My, how things have changed!!!  I must admit that when I created this show I was not thinking “big”.  I thought a quaint little show about lost history in East Texas would be pretty neat!  We might have a few viewers.  Shortly after having that thought I told people what I wanted to do.  I was met with enthusiastic cries of, “DO IT!  We’ll WATCH IT!”  So I began producing a show called “Expedition East Texas” and began working with one local station to get it on the air.


Then I got an email from someone…

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So it begins... 

Hi folks! I've spent the last few weeks running around East Texas in my spare time shooting the most awesome TV show I've ever been a part of. I'm excited about the response I have received to what little bit of pre-promotion has been done! Coming soon we'll announce channel and time for the fall season of the show. Be sure to click "FEEDBACK" at the top of the page to tell us about places we should check out on "Expedition East Texas!"